Services:  Acoustic Removal For a fresh clean look.
Our "no-mess" removal process
acoustic removal in victorville acoustic removal for victorvill home

So if now is not the time to modernize your home, then when?

Acoustic ceiling texture or otherwise known as “popcorn ceilings” may have had its run in the 80’s and fast-forward 30+ years and guess what…you still have them! It is not just about updating to the latest style or trend but there seems to be a lot of other benefits as well.

As years pass acoustic ceilings are prone to taking on a yellow tinge appearing very bland. This ceiling texture does not do to well with water and it can easily become stained. They also tend to trap light causing rooms to seem dingy and gloomy.

Acoustic will attract spider cobs and dust! Now the process of cleaning this dust becomes quite difficult. The collection of dust can become harmful to those who live in the house causing allergic and breathing troubles. Many acoustic ceilings contain asbestos which the U.S. Government considers hazardous waste.

David’s “No-Mess” acoustic removal process takes every precaution to protect your belongings. We cover your floors and fixtures that could become damaged. We also cover the walls in order to protect your woodwork, paint or wallpaper and a few other steps to reduce the chance of excessive and potentially dangerous dust spreading throughout your home.